What is HERD?

HERD - Centre for Herd-oriented Education, Research and Development - is a recently established centre for research and teaching at University of Copenhagen. In HERD we focus on the herd level, working with issues as productivity optimisation, welfare and health in the initial production of livestock, pork, beef and other animal products. Research and teaching activities in HERD include all aspects of the primary live farm animal production to human food security issues, also described as One-Health (or stable-to-table).  

The centre is responsible for research and teaching in areas such as productivity management, health advisory services and other important competences for graduates with potential future functions as veterinary advisors and animal science consultants for both agriculture and industry.

1. To unite and combine research and teaching activities in areas such as productivity management, welfare and health in Danish live stock herds.

2. To make teaching and research activities within these areas visible for business partners in animal production and the food industry.

3. To attract research funding, new students and business contacts and to constitute a portal for relevant research and university education for industry, producers, authorities and research groups from other institutions and/or countries.