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The following projects are financed and are apart of HERD:

  • The development of a management system for the complete surveillance of Danish and international pig production.
  • A method for the identification and quantification of livestock welfare
  • The optimising of livestock feeding strategies. IGMAFU-Income generation through market access and feed utilisation.
  • The reduction and diagnostics of diarrhoea sickness in piglets
  • Veterinary production consultancy (
  • Litter size productivity in Spanish and Danish sow herds
  • Optimal beef heifer rearing policies in Poland
  • Innovation in the support of decision tasks in livestock systems based on complex models
  • PILGRIM-Epidemiology of MRSA ST398 in Denmark
  • Peri-urban livestock farming
  • Quantative diagnostics, infection dynamics and the effects of enteritis in piglets
  • The reduction of ammonia emissions using controlled ventilation
  • Dynamic network analysis as a tool for improving animal welfare in dairy herds
  • Real time monitoring of individual sows’ behaviour using 3D acceleration measurements
  • The cultivated livestock buildings - milieu and welfare with compost
  • VETSTAT epidemiology
  • Morbidity in sows
  • New neo-natal diarrhoea syndrome – livestock epidemiology
  • Efficiency and immunity development with antibiotic treatment of diarrhoea in piglets